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Localize TQL

There are two sets of resources that need to be localized. The main source of translations is resource dictionaries. The Tql.Localization project can export and import all localization strings from all projects in the TQL solution into an Excel file, and read it back in again.

There are two launch configurations for this project that are setup to do this for Dutch translations. If you want to translate TQL into a different language, change the locale of the Export and Import launch configuration to the language you want to translate TQL into, and use the localization tool to export and import localized strings.

The quick start tutorial uses a different mechanism to localize the bulk of the text. There's a file called in the QuickStart folder in the Tql.App project. To localize the quick start tutorial into a new language, you have to copy the file to Playbook.<locale>.md (e.g.

When running TQL in debug mode, changes to the playbook file are reloaded into the app in real time. You can translate the playbook into your locale while going through the quick start tutorial. This makes it a lot easier to see if the text flows well and the translations look right.

After you've translated TQL into a new locale, please create a pull request with your changes. I'll be happy to accept it. Please let me know in the PR whether you'd like to be notified when TQL needs to be translated again.